July 1, 2017

How we met! our story

Brandon and I met I high school in grade 11 through a mutual friend. I actually did not like him but the more we hung out I thought he was really funny and a lot of fun to be around, we became very close friends. We started to hang out more and more alone watching movies or just joking around like we always did.he became my best friend who I talk about anything with and was very comfortable around. 

May 24th 2006 we went to the lake with our friends for May long . One morning Brandon and I were the only ones awake and we joking around and I looked into his eyes and just kissed him I got butterfly's. That's when I knew that I liked him. We dated off and on through the years and I loved him very much. 

In 2009 we broke up for good we tried staying friends but it just didn't work , I tried to move on but I could never get over him. In 2013 we reconnected and started to hang out and became best friends again. In 2014 on September 29th we started dating again, we fell in love all over again.  In 2015 in the summer we bought our very first house together.  We've had many ups and downs but now we're here it's like a fairy tail.